Pet’s Corner


Not only does our community have a regularly updated Residents Corner but we also wanted to give some extra attention to our other special residents: your pets! We would love to add photos of your pets to our Pets Corner Gallery! Simply send your picture via email and your best buddies will be added to the gallery. Don't forget to include their name.

Do you have any friends looking for an apartment where pets are welcome? Don't forget to refer your family, friends and co-workers to our pet friendly Bridgeport apartments where cats, dogs, rabbits, goldfish and people can find a great home. For those looking for a pet friendly apartment, read our pet policy on the right and call 203-338-9700 today.

Riverbank Landing Apartments Pet Gallery - Send Us Your Photos

Pet of the Month - July

Owner Name: Erika & Nick
Pets Name: Malibu
Breed: Golden retriever puppy

Pet of the Month - April

Owner Name: Monique
Pets Name: Callie
Breed: Cavapoo, puppy

Pet of the Month - February

Owner Name: Thomas and Marisa
Pets Name: Rocky
Breed: Mini Australian Shepard
Age: 8 weeks old

Pet of the Month - Janurary

Owner Name:
Pets Name: Denver
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog, puppy.

Pet of the Month - December

Owner Name:
Pets Name: Milo
Breed: French bulldog, puppy.

Pet of the Month - November

Owner Name: Jen and Erik
Pets Name: Crow
Breed: Mixed
Age: 12

Pet of the Month - October

Owner Name: Nate and Alyssa
Pets Name: Meeko
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Age: 2

Pet of the Month - April

Owner Name: Mike and Lauren
Pets Name: Stella
Breed: Poodle
Age: 12 Weeks

Pet of the Month - September

Owner Name: Liz & Chris
Pets Name: Fergie
Breed: Olde English Bulldog
Age: 12 weeks

Pet of the Month - May

Owner Name: Amy
Pets Name: Lucy
Breed: Pug

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Pet Policy

Cats and Dogs are welcome at Riverbank Landing. Please call for further details.